Helpful Tools:

This calculator will help figure out how much of a deposit you will get when writing an application.  It is showing a 9 month advance, so it is not accounting for the other 25% you receive in the 10th-12th months.  Just type in a monthly premium and your contract level to see the deposit amount!

You can use the calculator to the right to help with figuring the amount of leads needed to reach your annual income goal.  Please keep in mind that it is set with lower than average numbers to ensure you get enough leads to hit your targeted goal!

Rachael Z. came to my organization in March of 2017.  She was curious about getting into the insurance business.  She had been in another (not insurance) industry for 10 years and was capped out!  Rachael was nervous about making the career switch and asked me how confident I was that she could make $60,000 in her first year.  I told her that as long as she had work ethic, was coachable & could manage money, she would have no problem making that type of income!  I ran her report on her 6th month anniversary, and Rachael was at $102,000 in issued business!  Rachael loves this career and has an amazing attitude!  Keep up the outstanding work Rachael!

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