What We Offer & Our Programs!

If you are serious about finding the right IMO and system to help your career, I strongly urge you to take the time to read this entire page.  I know it is long, but it will allow you to determine if we are the right fit for you!  Make sure you take NOTES and reach out with all of your questions.

I believe that an IMO should be spending the money they earn in over rides to make new programs/tools that will allow the agents to earn more money.  We are constantly building new tools and systems to help each agent become more profitable.  We also listen to our agents!  If you have an idea or need something created, never hesitate to reach out.  We are always willing to listen to your ideas and help you "breathe life" into any plans that you have!


Leads are the lifeblood of this business.  There are those 1 in a 1,000 agents that can make a lot of money without leads, but for the rest of us, we need LEADS!  We have several different lead sources, but Direct Mail is definitely #1.  If you are looking for consistent leads that say Life Insurance in the first line and will not be resold to anyone but yourself, we can help you with that!


Facebook leads are also available.  Many agents are using these leads with very good results.  They can be as cheap as $3 per lead (see Impact Program below).


We also have a Shopping Cart that allows you to login anytime of the day/night and purchase excess inventory.  You can find some cheaper DM leads to try to increase your production for the week.  We have agents all the time buy OLD DM leads and turn $50-$100 into several thousand dollars.  If you are willing to go put in the work, this option can make you a nice ROI.


Make sure you check out OUR PROGRAMS at the bottom of the page after you have read everything on here.  That will show you the different programs we have available!


Training is important for new AND experienced agents.  We can all continue to learn and grow in this industry.  We realized that not all agents are alike, so we have designed several different ways for an agent to get training.


We want to make sure the agent has experienced pretty much every situation that they will run into in the field.  What if you write a carrier on an 82-year-old and it cuts your comp 60%?  We want you to know to avoid that (if possible) before you actually are in the field making those mistakes.  We have designed tools that an agent will carry with them to ensure they are doing right by the client and making the most money possible when doing so!


Training in PHASES!

This training takes you step by step through a training portal.  It goes over Building Rapport, Presenting, Closing, Replacements, Referrals, Overcoming Objections, Picking the right carrier, and much more!  It is a series of slides, videos and tests.  Once you complete a Phase, you can then move on to the next once you have completed the questions/tests/recordings.  New agents really love this training and feel that it shortens their learning curve.


An IMO of our size has a lot of different websites, training, support, tools, etc.  It can get overwhelming and cause things to get missed.  We designed the Phases to take you by the hand in your beginning weeks.  It will make sure you have an outline of what you should be doing each week.  Agents that follow this have a much higher chance to be successful in this industry!

Training Calls!

We host a training call every morning at 8:00 Central Time that gives tips/tricks to help you make more money.  We also allow you to interview the previous day's top agent on this call!

EFES Podcast!

We have a podcase library of past training calls.  This is so crucial for agents that are active in the field.  If you struggle at something, you can go there and search by topic.  Then you can listen to some of the best in the business go over how they handle what you are struggling with!

Cheat Sheets

These tools will allow you to pick the best plan for your client and also ensure you are getting paid what you should.  If you send a client to a GI plan and there is a better option that would pay you FULL COMP, wouldn't you want to know that before writing?  These sheets are invaluable for your business!


We want to make sure you have the support needed to run your business correctly.  We have a full service staff to help with Leads, Website/Marketing, Contracting, I.T. issues, Accounting, etc.  For example, if you are wanting to have a HUGE production week and you want to get some telemarketing leads to go along with your weekly Direct Mail, call the Lead Department and they will help you out!

Agent Hotline

This tool allows you to ask a question while you are with a client and get an INSTANT answer!  This is everyone's favorite tool.  If you are new and get stuck during a presentation, you can get another top agent on the phone instantly to help you close the deal.

Supply Closet

We have a supply closet that allows you to get any form you need for any state!  This saves you time from having to call in and ask the carrier for a certain form.  Your time should be spent doing the things that MAKE you money!  It has all companies and every single state inside!


Since we have a full service staff and systems in place, this allows us to have reports available to you.  This is such an important tool if you are wanting to increase your profitability over time.  Do you currently know what your close ratio is?  What about your Premium Per Lead?  Do you know what percentage of your business goes to GI companies?


Having reports that you can run is such an amazing tool.  You are able to see the areas you are weak at and work to make them better.  If you are writing a high percentage of GI business, you are able to call me or look up training that will help you find alternatives to GI that will pay you full comp (Congestive Heart Failure or Dementia for example).


If your closing percentage is low, you can get training through one of the sources mentioned above on closing techniques.


Commissions are a huge part of your decision when choosing an IMO.  We believe that it has to be good for the agent and for the IMO.  As you can see above, we will invest the money we are making into better systems/tools for you.  We do this without making you give up commissions for us to do it!  No agent is getting 100% or lower contracts with us unless we are subsidizing leads somehow.  It is hard to post exact levels since each agent that calls in is in a different situation.  I will give you a few guarantees though:

You are paid directly by the carrier which means you are vested DAY ONE!


You do not get buried several layers down without the ability to move up.


We do not put a $700-$800 household cap on your commissions.


You get paid by most carriers in 24-48 hours even if the draft is not setup until next month!

I'm willing to match or BEAT your current contract level.  Please call in today to get a confidential comparison!

Like What You See?  Now it's time to pick a PROGRAM!


The ELITE program is designed for agents that are experienced in the business and they want to ensure they get the best area protected (locked down) and get their requested # of DM leads each and every week.  This is a little more of an investment up front, but it has the highest level of success since the agent will not have to worry about having weeks without fresh clients to present to.

You will have a 3 week deposit on file with this program since we will always have to have extra inventory in house for you and plenty of mail out the door.  Without this, you would have too many weeks where you did not get your full order for the week.  If you don't mind being short a week here and there, see the Pay As You Go program!

Pay As You Go Program

Pay As You Go was designed for the agents that are not ready to invest enough to pay a deposit and lock down a territory or are not experienced with DM leads.  You are not locked in to your card getting hit each and every Friday.  If you have a big week, order more leads that week.  If you struggled and need to skip a week of buying leads, no problem.

You will pay for what you want and receive that amount of leads.  If you want 20 leads this week, we charge you and send the mail out.  If you want to have leads the week after those come in, you will need to make sure you buy 20 the 2nd week also.  This program is great since most organizations only allow you to pay 3-5 week deposit and that is held on file to keep you inventory in house.


If you are really tight on money and are planning on just buying 20 and waiting on them to return, this is not a program for you.  You will need to be willing to buy leads pretty consistently for this program to work.


Think of it this way, you are prepaying for leads and we will deliver those leads as they come back.  If you have paid us for 75 DM leads, you will get those leads as they come in.  If you run out of "credits" you run out of leads.  You are paying for a service that has to be delivered but you also have the flexibility in case you have a slow week and do not need to purchase leads.


The Impact Program is very unique.  This program is designed for very select few agents, but can be very beneficial for the right people.  This allows agents to give up a little bit of their commission for the ability to spend less money each week on their lead order.

Overview of the program:

You will get 90% comp (with the ability to move it up to 100%)

You will get fresh DM leads for $18 per lead with the ability to work them down in $2 increments ($18/$16/$14/$12).

We also have Facebook leads that many agents are having great success with.  You get these leads for $9 per lead to start.  You have the ability to move those prices down in $2 increments.  ($9/$7/$5/$3).

So an agent that does not have a ton of money to invest can get going with 20 leads per week for $180 per week!

This program does not benefit an agent that is producing at a very high level.  This is designed for agents in the $6,000 - $12,000 monthly production range.

This program can also be used to increase your lead flow.  Are you working 20 leads per week because that is all you can afford, but you see agents writing $30k+ because they are buying 40 leads each week?  You can keep your cost about the same with this program and move up to 30-40 leads and you will NET way more income.

If you are an active agent, I suggest you run the numbers yourself to see if this benefits you.  This program can do several things:


Allow the agent to buy MORE leads, which will equal more income.

Allow lower producing agents to cut their lead bill each week in half.

Stop agents from having to skip getting leads because they don't have the money.

Allow agents to get going that do not have the money for Direct Mail.

You are free to come off of this program and move on one of the other programs at anytime!


***This program is not for everyone and I reserve the right to pick and choose who comes on this program since I will be paying the balance of your lead bill each week.  This program includes certain companies and guidelines!***


This is the program for the agents that need a game plan in place to get on a steady DIRECT MAIL order.  If you have some money but not quite enough for DM leads each week yet, this program may be for you.  This program is designed to get you working a cheaper lead source (Telemarketing, Facebook, Aged DM leads, etc.) to get you some money coming in.  When you have a good week, you can put a little bit of the money towards the PAY AS YOU GO program above.

In order to make this program work successfully, you will need:

The right attitude

Great work ethic

Be coachable

And be willing to manage your money (invest back in leads)

This is the hardest program since no lead compares in quality to DM leads, but if your back is against the wall financially, this program may can help you!


Are you happy where you currently are, but you are missing a company or two that you need?  Feel free to reach out to see what level we can offer for you.

Do you have a large agency and making a higher comp could really increase your revenue?  Let's chat to see if I could better your situation.


The Medicare Program is a great way to make additional money from your current leads you are working.  It can also build you a very nice residual income.  Selling 2 policies a week can make you over $20,000 in passive income the next year!

If you are with an IMO that does not have a Medicare Program with training/support, feel free to reach out and we will help you get going!


We are far from MLM since we have hundreds of active agents with only a handful of agency builders.  If you have a desire to grow an agency, it can be tough but rewarding!  Most organizations just tell you to go run some Craigslist ads and good luck to you!  We actually have a system to help you with recruiting.  We have a recruiting department that gets 50-75 recruits wanting to contract each day.  We can't bring all of these agents direct and give them the attention they need.  You have the ability to be trained on how to build an agency and we will send recruits to you.


Some of the tools/systems provided:

We are willing to finance the growth of your agency.  We will pay for the marketing, leads, etc. to help you grow your agency if desired.

Articulate recruiting program you get access to.  When you are talking to a recruit, this program will step you through the whole process on what to say.  When you ask a question, their answer will determine what page it sends you to next to talk about.  Then all roads end in the same place on the script.  This allows someone that is not very skillful at recruiting to make sure they are saying the right things.

Builder training calls and chat to help you increase your skills.

Promote you on the calls and at the RoadShows to get your brand out there.


We will get on the calls with you and help you close down your recruits to grow your agency faster.

Ability to plug into a dialer system and maximize your talk time with recruits.  It also allows you to schedule call backs instantly inside the system.

Access to website design and technology training.

And MUCH more!


Building a team takes the right individual, but if you are serious about it, it can create a substantial amount of income.  I have built several million dollar agencies in just a few short months of helping them.


Rachael Z. came to my organization in March of 2017.  She was curious about getting into the insurance business.  She had been in another (not insurance) industry for 10 years and was capped out!  Rachael was nervous about making the career switch and asked me how confident I was that she could make $60,000 in her first year.  I told her that as long as she had work ethic, was coachable & could manage money, she would have no problem making that type of income!  I ran her report on her 6th month anniversary, and Rachael was at $102,000 in issued business!  Rachael loves this career and has an amazing attitude!  Keep up the outstanding work Rachael!

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