Having a support group is extremely valuable in this business.  We have a large community of agents and managers from across the country that you will be allowed to plug in with.

We also have a full service support staff at the home office that is available to assist you with all of your Contracting, I.T., Lead Coordination, Recruiting and Marketing needs.

I believe that an IMO should be spending the money they earn in over rides to make new programs/tools that will allow the agents to earn more money.  We are constantly building new tools and systems to help each agent become more profitable.  We also listen to our agents!  If you have an idea or need something created, never hesitate to reach out.  We are always willing to listen to your ideas and help you "breathe life" into any plans that you have!

What We Offer & Our Programs!

If you are serious about finding the right IMO and system to help your career, I strongly urge you to take the time to read this entire page.  I know it is long, but it will allow you to determine if we are the right fit for you!  Make sure you take NOTES and reach out with all of your questions.


Leads are the lifeblood of this business.  There are those 1 in a 1,000 agents that can make a lot of money without leads, but for the rest of us, we need LEADS!  We have several different lead sources, but Direct Mail is definitely #1.  If you are looking for consistent leads that say Life Insurance in the first line and will not be resold to anyone but yourself, we can help you with that!


Facebook leads are also available.  Many agents are using these leads with very good results.  They can be as cheap as $180 per order (see Impact Program below).


We also have a Shopping Cart that allows you to login anytime of the day/night and purchase excess inventory.  You can find some cheaper DM leads to try to increase your production for the week.  We have agents all the time buy OLD DM leads and turn a $100 investment into several thousand dollars.  If you are willing to go put in the work, this option can make you a nice ROI.


Make sure you check out OUR PROGRAMS at the bottom of the page after you have read everything on here.  That will show you the different programs we have available!


Training is important for new AND experienced agents.  We can all continue to learn and grow in this industry.  We realized that not all agents are alike, so we have designed several different ways for an agent to get training.


We want to make sure the agent has experienced pretty much every situation that they will run into in the field.  What if you write a carrier on an 82-year-old and it cuts your comp 60%?  We want you to know to avoid that (if possible) before you actually are in the field making those mistakes.  We have designed tools that an agent will carry with them to ensure they are doing right by the client and making the most money possible when doing so!


Training in PHASES!

This training takes you step by step through a training portal.  It goes over Building Rapport, Presenting, Closing, Replacements, Referrals, Overcoming Objections, Picking the right carrier, and much more!  It is a series of slides, videos and tests.  Once you complete a Phase, you can then move on to the next once you have completed the questions/tests/recordings.  New agents really love this training and feel that it shortens their learning curve.


An IMO of our size has a lot of different websites, training, support, tools, etc.  It can get overwhelming and cause things to get missed.  We designed the Phases to take you by the hand in your beginning weeks.  It will make sure you have an outline of what you should be doing each week.  Agents that follow this have a much higher chance to be successful in this industry!




Commissions are a huge part of your decision when choosing an IMO.  We believe that it has to be good for the agent and for the IMO.  As you can see above, we will invest the money we are making into better systems/tools for you.  We do this without making you give up commissions for us to do it!  No agent is getting 100% or lower contracts with us unless we are subsidizing leads somehow.  We give out street level or higher (if you have proof of production).

You are paid directly by the carrier which means you are vested DAY ONE!


You do not get buried several layers down without the ability to move up.


We do not put a $700-$800 household cap on your commissions.


You get paid by most carriers in 24-48 hours even if the draft is not setup until next month!

Already at a HIGH contract level?  I'm willing to match or BEAT your current contract level.  Please call in today to get a confidential comparison!


The ELITE program is designed for agents that are experienced in the business and they want to ensure they get the best area protected (locked down) and get their requested # of DM leads each and every week.  This is a little more of an investment up front, but it has the highest level of success since the agent will not have to worry about having weeks without fresh clients to present to.​


This program allows a lower entry cost and the ability to get more leads for the same price while only sacrificing a little in commission level!

The Impact Program allows an agent to take a 90-100% commission and get a reduced Direct Mail cost.  The Direct Mail leads start at $18 per lead on this program and can be moved all the way down to $12 per lead with production.


Are you happy with your current organization or just enjoy being a "lone wolf"?  This program may be for you!  This program allows someone to just pick up any carrier with us that is currently missing from their portfolio.

Call today and we will give you the highest level possible!


Several top producers are now adding in Medicare to their Final Expense business.  We have integrated that into our programs and have a unique opportunity.

This is a great opportunity to make additional funds from leads you have already purchased!


We are far from MLM since we have hundreds of active agents with only a handful of agency builders.  If you have a desire to grow an agency, it can be tough but rewarding!  Most organizations just tell you to go run some Craigslist ads and good luck to you!  We have a system to help you with recruiting.  We have a recruiting department that gets recruits wanting to contract each day.  We can't bring all these agents direct and give them the attention they need.  You have the ability to be trained on how to build an agency and we will send recruits to you.

Building a team takes the right individual, but if you are serious about it, it can create a substantial amount of income.  I have built several million-dollar agencies in just a few short months of helping them.



Rachael Z. came to my organization in March of 2017.  She was curious about getting into the insurance business.  She had been in another (not insurance) industry for 10 years and was capped out!  Rachael was nervous about making the career switch and asked me how confident I was that she could make $60,000 in her first year.  I told her that as long as she had work ethic, was coachable & could manage money, she would have no problem making that type of income!  I ran her report on her 6th month anniversary, and Rachael was at $102,000 in issued business!  Rachael loves this career and has an amazing attitude!  Keep up the outstanding work Rachael!

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