Please check out each program below and click the PLAY button to hear more about each one.  Once you are done, email me with any questions about the program you are interested in joining!

The ELITE program is designed for agents that are experienced in the business and they want to ensure they get the best area protected (locked down) and get their requested # of DM leads each and every week.  This is a little more of an investment up front, but it has the highest level of success since the agent will not have to worry about having weeks without fresh clients to present to.

You will have a 3 week deposit on file with this program since we will always have to have extra inventory in house for you and plenty of mail out the door.  Without this, you would have too many weeks where you did not get your full order for the week.  If you don't mind being short a week here and there, see the Pay As You Go program!

The Impact Program is very unique.  This program is designed for very select few agents, but can be very beneficial for the right people.  This allows agents to give up a little bit of their commission for the ability to spend less money each week on their lead order.

Overview of the program:

You will get 90% comp (with the ability to move it up to 100%)

You will get fresh DM leads for $18 per lead with the ability to work them down in $2 increments ($18/$16/$14/$12).

We also have Facebook leads that many agents are having great success with.  You get these leads for $180 per order.  This will guarantee you 20 leads but you will receive all of the leads that come back.  Some agents get 30-40+ leads from their one order!

An agent that does not have a ton of money to invest can get going with 20+ leads per week for $180 per week!

This program may not benefit an agent that is producing at a very high level.  This is mostly designed for agents in the $6,000 - $15,000 monthly production range.

This program can also be used to increase your lead flow.  Are you working 20 leads per week because that is all you can afford, but you see agents writing $30k+ because they are buying 40 leads each week?  You can keep your cost about the same with this program and move up to 30-40 leads and you will NET way more income.

You are free to come off of this program and move on one of the other programs at anytime!

Are you happy where you currently are, but you are missing a company or two that you need?  Feel free to reach out to see what level we can offer for you.

Do you have a large agency and making a higher comp could really increase your revenue?  Let's chat to see if I could better your situation.

The Medicare Program is a great way to make additional money from your current leads you are working.  It can also build you a very nice residual income.  Selling 2 policies a week can make you over $20,000 in passive income the next year!

If you are with an IMO that does not have a Medicare Program with training/support, feel free to reach out and we will help you get going!

We are far from MLM since we have hundreds of active agents with only a handful of agency builders.  If you have a desire to grow an agency, it can be tough but rewarding!  Most organizations just tell you to go run some Craigslist ads and good luck to you!  We actually have a system to help you with recruit.  We have a recruiting department that gets 50-75 recruits wanting to contract each day.  We can't bring all of these agents direct and give them the attention they need.  You have the ability to be trained on how to build an agency and we will send recruits to you.


Some of the tools/systems provided:

We have an unlimited supply of recruit leads that our marketing team generates for us.  You will not have to market to friends or family with our program.  We can get you in contact with INTERESTED agents in any state that you are wanting.

We have a complete Step by Step training program that will allow you to learn how to run your business.  Do you know what carriers require E&O?  Do you know which states require you to hold a non resident license for an over ride?  Our program gives you the knowledge and tools needed to run your agency efficiently!

We are willing to finance the growth of your agency.  We will pay for the marketing, leads, etc. to help you grow your agency.

Articulate recruiting program you get access to.  When you are talking to a recruit, this program will step you through the whole process on what to say.  When you ask a question, their answer will determine what page it sends you to next to talk about.  Then all roads end in the same place on the script.  This allows someone that is not very skillful at recruiting to make sure they are saying the right things.

Builder training calls and chat to help you increase your skills.

Promote you on the calls and at the RoadShows to get your brand out there.

And MUCH more!

Please fill out the form above or reach out to myself or whoever sent you to this site to go over any questions you have and get a plan together to get started on the program you have chosen!

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